ZDAY Survival Simulator


Could you survive a zombi apocalypse?



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ZDAY Survival Simulator is an interactive novel where you have to play the part of the survivor of a zombi apocalypse in a city that was well-populated at the start of the chaos.

Your objective, of course, is to survive. And to do it you will have to make the decisions that seem most beneficial in every moment, like searching through a house or getting out of there, helping someone in need or letting them be, going in with a pistol or an ax.

The visual style of the application is very good. All of the drawings are very dark and fit perfectly with the fatalistic environment of the game. In addition, there is always background music that accompanies all of the images.

ZDAY Survival Simulator doesn't have especially complex mechanics, nor grate graphics, nor great effects, but it is a breath of fresh air and an authentic experience that zombi fans will certainly enjoy.
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